Agrodit is a leading innovator in smart irrigation technology, dedicated to helping farmers save time and resources with solutions based on real needs. Our team of experts, with over 10 years of IoT and innovation experience, has developed a revolutionary technology of sensors and remote irrigation technologies for agriculture.

Founded in 2020, Agrodit’s mission is to provide farmers with specialized tools for soil measurements, avoiding extra working hours on maintenance and installation. Our first pilot project in the South of Sweden, using soil moisture sensors and remote valve controllers, was a success in a greenhouse setting, leading to the development of our unique soil-moisture sensor and platform in 2022.

Our unique service helps monitor crops and take remote actions with high accuracy, enabling efficient and sustainable irrigation management.

Join the Agrodit community and experience the benefits of cutting-edge smart irrigation technology for your farm.


Maria  Martinez: CEO and co-founder of Agrodit . Business development and Finance.


Fernando Carrasco: CTO and co-founder of Agrodit . Product development, Operations.