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Plug and play sensor- No wires or black boxes


Agrodit revolutionizes soil monitoring with its innovative sensor system, allowing seamless placement of numerous fully buried wireless multi-depth sensors across vast areas, providing instant access to a comprehensive real-time soil data map in two depths. It stands as the pinnacle of advanced and cost-effective soil monitoring solutions, catering to professionals in agriculture, golf course management, and sports turf maintenance.



By harnessing the power of Agrodit, countless farms and agriculture experts worldwide enhance their agronomic practices through data-driven insights-  The system facilitates the monitoring and management of soil conditions for optimized crop growth while also yielding significant savings in operational expenses and inputs. Moreover, golf courses and sports fields leverage Agrodit to enhance turf quality, mitigate variations, and minimize maintenance costs, chemical usage, and water consumption.

Our Key Difference? The most precise data of the market, made to be simple for users.



Effortless installation, user-friendly operation and reliable measurements in two depths are the base of our solution.




Technical specifications

Agrodit´s wireless two depths sensor is built to last 15+ years in the ground. It is innovated and crafted with over four years of rigorous testing in order to become the sensor with the highest quality technology ever on the market. It has three sensors in one device: a capacitive soil moisture sensor, temperature sensor and salinity sensor.



Lund, Sweden

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